If you've experienced a situation where a YouTube video you like has been deleted, you might be wondering how to recover deleted YouTube videos. It's not uncommon for videos to be removed from the platform for various reasons. Whether you want to recover your own content or find a video that you enjoyed watching, there are a few methods you can try.

Here, we'll explore different methods you can use to recover deleted YouTube videos, ranging from utilizing internet data to using specialized software.


If you've noticed the "deleted" icon on your favorite video, you're not alone. YouTube regularly removes videos when they violate the platform's rules, which can change over time. Creators often face the challenge of having their content removed due to rule changes, even if the violation occurred in the past.

Common reasons for video deletion include:

  • The video's author has deleted it or set it to private.
  • The YouTube channel that owned the video has been deleted by the creator or the platform.

Given these factors, how can you recover a deleted YouTube video? Let's delve into the methods below.


Occasionally, friends and family upload videos to YouTube as private videos, viewable only to those who receive an invitation.

There are methods that can allow you to watch private videos, although they are not easy techniques and should be used responsibly, without causing harm or problems for others.

Private Videos on YouTube

YouTube offers two privacy options for sharing videos with select people: hidden and private videos. Hidden videos can be viewed by entering the exact address in the search engine, while private videos are accessible only to authorized individuals.

How to watch private videos on YouTube

If a person uploads a video and makes it private, they need to grant access to those they want to view it via email. Without authorization, the URL will display a black screen indicating the video isn't available. If authorized, this screen will change.

View Private Videos through a Tracker

You can try using the page to view a private video without authorization, but it only works if the video was initially published as public and remained so for a while. This page crawls web pages periodically, storing information. If it tracked the video during its public phase, you might be able to access it.

How to watch private videos on YouTube

This approach won't work if the video was initially posted as private. To try it, go to the page and enter the video's address in the search box. If tracked the video during its public phase, you might be able to access it.

Review the stored information date by date until you locate the video that was once public. Below, I've included a video that explains this method in detail.

Easiest Way to Watch a Private YouTube Video

If a video is marked as private, it's because the uploader wants to limit its exposure. There's an effective way to access it if you don't have authorization: request permission to view it.

Contact the person who uploaded the video and politely ask for permission to view it. Provide your Gmail email address, and if they approve, they can grant you access to the video. If neither of the previous methods work, it might be best to respect YouTube's privacy settings.

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